Food Freedom

by SHiFT


Losing and then gaining weight over and over?

Diet culture false promises?

Increasing health problems?

Feeling like a failure?

Being uncomfortable in your body?

Thinking about food and dieting all day long?

If you answered yes to any of these, listen to Amanda and hear how she found food freedom once and for all.


    Over 20 instructional videos teaching and guiding you to find lasting, not fleeting, food freedom


    Interactive worksheets to galvanize the instructional content to help you uncover what is truly creating your food struggles.


    SHiFT's Foundation Food Plan along with a guide to help you personalize it.


What Is Included in the Food Freedom by SHiFT?


Why is this program different to diets?

Food Freedom by SHiFT gets you out of the diet culture cycle and into sustainable food recovery. This program is a lifestyle change that doesn’t have an end date and guides you through changing your relationship with food so you can thrive in the food recovery culture.


The reason people regain their weight with diets is because they continue to put foods into their body that make it impossible to control their obsession with food. Food Freedom by SHiFT addresses food thoughts, urges and cravings to help end this cycle.  Perhaps you identify with having a cookie and eating the whole box? This is because there is a physiological response to the ingredients in certain foods that causes obsession of the mind and makes it impossible for some people to stop.  Diets and specifically diet “maintenance” allow you to eat whatever you want if it falls within your caloric guidelines but for many of us, this simply isn’t sustainable and is the reason the diet success rate is so low.


A Food Recovery Success Story

I discovered that my obesity was a symptom of the disease of food addiction. I worked hard in treatment and wholeheartedly surrendered to their direction. Upon leaving, I continued a multi-faceted recovery journey that has continued for over 30 years.

What You Will Learn

The Food Freedom by SHiFT program helps you identify and eliminate the foods that specifically trigger your obsessions and overeating. We work towards eliminating them while maintaining a balanced and satisfying way of eating that offers the freedom and control you have always been looking for, as well as balancing your body and mind connection.

What is included in the program?

Preparation Module

Module One

Module Two​

Module Three

Module Four


A SHiFT Success

I weighed in at around 350lbs. I get to be free! I’m now under 200lbs., somewhere I haven’t been since I’m sure I was a teenager. I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt, and loving the life I get to live today.


A SHiFT Success

In 1999 I reached new threatening high of 400lbs. My health was deteriorating rapidly and although strong and athletic, my legs could barely carry me. I suffered from hypertension, gout, high cholesterol and sleep apnea and was on the verge of becoming a diabetic.

Food Freedom Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need per day to complete this program?

Is this program for me?

How is this program different from other diets I have tried?

Will I have support from SHiFT during this program?

If you find that you need additional help after you have completed this program, SHiFT has many different programs and therapy opportunities that will be available to you for an additional cost.  You will also be provided with a list of resources at the end of the program.

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