Andrea Ascione

Certified Food Addiction Counsellor and Food Coach at SHiFT Recovery.

About Andrea:


Andrea brings over 20 years of professional culinary experience, from leading teams in kitchens to teaching classes both privately and at the community level.


 In 2018, Andrea acknowledged her life-long struggle with food addiction and sought professional help in order to find recovery, which she has gratefully been living in ever since. Initially, finding recovery revealed great fear that her career and passion for food would have to come to an end. 


 Instead, Andrea channeled her passion and skill into entirely abstinent cooking, transforming her “food goals” into providing support for others and demonstrating that a delicious abstinent life is possible.  She believes that vibrant, abstinent food can be anything you want it to be, from simple and convenient to elaborate and meticulous, whatever fits your recovered lifestyle!


 Andrea’s approachability and desire to connect with people enables her to work with people of all ages and skill levels. She provides help with anything from grocery shopping and efficient food prep, to executing special occasion menus, always meeting her clients at their point of interest.